Managed IT Services provides you with world class support and up to speed monitoring of your network. Let us be your complete outsourced IT department.


Hence Tech provides multiple cloud-based services and uses state of the art data centers and cloud technology. Use the power of the cloud to elevate your business.


Wireless communication has created a mobile workforce. Hence Tech will make sure your employees have the mobile access, security, and availability they need to succeed.

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Best-practices drive decisions and action. Expansive capabilities serve a wealth of needs. Relationship flexibility enables work arrangements that accommodate different levels of service: fully-outsourced IT, supplemental IT or project-based.

We are committed to the exploration, immersion and specialization required by the evolving spectrum of technology. If you're ready to move your business forward, do it with the color of confidence. Hence Tech is here to take your business to the next level of technology.


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Either looking for help with your technology or to reduce the cost of IT department; contact us to learn more.


Attacks on networks and malware are more prevalent now than ever. With updates, monitoring and alerts, Hence Tech protects your network on multiple fronts without you having to constantly worry about it.


When having access to your information is more important than ever, you can’t afford to let unforeseen circumstances interrupt your business. Hence Tech will make sure that you’re covered.


Voice over IP replaces your traditional telephone service using your existing Internet service. It further enables multi-office and mobile user connectivity while greatly reducing the cost of traditional telecom services.

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IT Managed Services at Your Finger Tips

If you only give it attention when you have problems, you’re missing out on the value your IT should provide and raising your total cost of ownership.

Strategic evaluation and tactical planning provides flexibility and scalability required to meet market demands and business initiatives.

We work with our clients to solve their technology business needs instead of just offering a flat rate cookie cutter service.

Proactively managing your IT prevents problems and the associated downtime and cost. Remote monitoring identifies many potential problems before they disrupt your operations.

It increases staff productivity and job satisfaction. It reduces unplanned expenditures and lowers the total cost of ownership of your IT assets.

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